Choosing the Right Collar for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Collar for Your Dog - shopangelpet

Collars are more than just colorful accessories to help you identify your dog from other pets at the park. They also increase your pup’s safety, allowing you to attach a leash and prevent it from running too far from you. But choosing the right leather dog collar is easier said than done. So, what should you do?

Factors to consider when choosing a handmade leather dog collar:

  • Type of Collar

Did you know that there are various types of dog collars? For instance, the flat-buckle collar is the simplest and most common option, usually equipped with a snap or buckle.

Meanwhile, for small dogs or breeds with slender necks, martingale collars are the ideal choice. Rather than closing with a snap or buckle, these collars come with linked rings that grow tighter when pulled.

  • Dog Breed and Size

First things first: How big is your dog? And is it still growing? Some collars are only made for smaller breeds and puppies, while others can accommodate dogs with larger necks and bigger sizes.

To check if a collar is the right size for your dog, check out this weight- and breed-specific dog collar size guide from Angel Pet Supplies.

The size of your dog should also be considered when choosing a material. For larger breeds, it’s best to go for durable options such as leather dog collars. 

  • Training and Temperament

Is your puppy energetic, always running around? Does your dog pull on its leash? You might want to consider training your pup before buying a leather collar for dogs, ensuring that they don’t harm themselves pulling on the leash. But generally, martingale collars are the safest option.

You can also consider a harness instead of a traditional collar, especially if you walk your dog outdoors.

  • Design

This one’s all up to you. What collar design suits your pup best? Handmade leather dog collars can come with a variety of accessories and colors, including spikers, bones, hearts, and even braids.

Don’t forget to buy your leather collars for dogs from a trusted store like Angel Pet Supplies in Toronto.