Best Dog Leashes...What's Best for You and Your Dog?

Best Dog Leashes...What's Best for You and Your Dog? - shopangelpet

Looking to treat your dog—and yourself—to a new leash for your daily walks? Most pet parents opt for nylon leashes because they come in fun colors, are affordable, and can be easily purchased from any pet store or big box retailer. But while nylon leashes usually get the job done, they often cause terrible leash burns, lack of grip, and fraying. To avoid these problems altogether, try handmade leather dog leashes leash instead.

It's common for dog owners (especially new dog parents) to want to buy the brightest and trendiest leash, or go for the cheaper alternative of a store-brand nylon leash. But there are several reasons why leather dog leashes are a better option. Here are some of them

More Durable

Although leather is not entirely indestructible to chewing, it is much stronger in comparison to nylon. Furthermore, a leash made of treated leather will withstand the elements and almost never looks dirty or dingy. And unlike nylon, leather dog leashes become softer with time without losing their durability.

Easier on the Hands

Nylon leashes can cause skin irritation, especially if your dog is a puller. Leather, on the other hand, is much stronger and more comfortable to hold. It even adapts its shape to fit your hand over time. Plus, it's much gentler on your skin compared to nylon because it is not abrasive.

Better Grip and Control

Ever wonder why most dog trainers recommend or even require using a leather leash during obedience training? That's because leather dog leashes provide good grip stability. They are less likely to slip out of your hands when your dog lunges or pulls. And if they get wet, they will not become slippery like nylon leashes would.

Looks Great

Although leather leashes are usually more expensive than nylon ones, they last longer and look timeless—perfect for you and your stylish dog.

Angel Pet Supplies sells beautiful handmade leather dog leashes. Check out the Alpine leash collection. It is crafted with soft, genuine leather for a comfortable grip while you're out walking your beloved pet. Choose from an array of colors and sizes that come equipped with reliable brass snap hooks in silver or brass finish. Best of all, these high-quality leads are affordably priced.

Angel Pet Supplies also has a selection of braided dog leashes. Made of 100% Argentinean cowhide leather, these braided dog leashes are perfect for training your dog or going on walks. Hand-braided just under the handle and above the snap hook, they are also very strong and durable.