Choosing the Right Cat Collars: A Guide to the Best Cat Collars

Choosing the Right Cat Collars: A Guide to the Best Cat Collars - shopangelpet

As a cat parent, you don’t have to worry about walking your cat every day or taking it to the park. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need a cat collar.

Cat collars serve many purposes, such as identification and protection from fleas. They may also be used to allow the cat to breakaway if they get stuck on a fence or tree. Some cats who only stay indoors wear collars for some of the same reasons, in case they get caught on furniture or other objects, the elastic safety stretch will allow the cat to break loose. A leather cat collar can also help you identify your furry friend from others, especially if it’s the type to explore outdoors.

How to choose the best cat collar online:

  • Consider The Material

Collars can come in a variety of materials, from leather, cotton, nylon and hemp. These are all excellent choices. But if you want something more durable, leather collars for cats are your best option.

Leather cat collars are naturally long-lasting, offering better durability and breathability compared to other fabrics. Leather gets better with age and you can even choose from several colors.

  • Make Sure It Fits

Find a collar that fits your cat’s neck appropriately without limiting its ability to move and breathe. Check out this cat collar size chart:

  • Think About Your Cat’s Safety

Is your cat the type to explore the entire neighborhood? A collar with an attached bell allows you to hear your furry friend and locate it should it go missing. Who knows? Maybe your cat was just hiding behind the bushes all this time.

Another safety feature to consider is the collar’s buckle. Cats tend to climb over anything they see, and they might end up getting stuck in a tree or a fence. A leather collar with a breakaway buckle is the safest option for outdoorsy felines.

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