Leather vs. Nylon Dog Collars and Why Leather is a Great Option for Your Dog

Leather vs. Nylon Dog Collars and Why Leather is a Great Option for Your Dog - shopangelpet

Dog collars are more than just an aesthetic choice. They offer a wide range of practical benefits to ensure the safety of your pup, whether you're out for a stroll or teaching them obedience. Plus, they add personality to your pet's look. But it is absolutely essential that you select the proper material when buying this accessory. Should you get a nylon or a leather collar for a dog? Both nylon and leather are widely used for making durable dog collars, but between them, leather is the superior choice. Here's why.

Easier on the skin

Some nylon collars have abrasive and stiff edges that can rub against a dog’s sensitive skin and neck, causing irritation and injuries. Leather dog collars are breathable and less irritating, making them more comfortable for your pet to wear—and for you to hold. Leather provides a strong but supple grip so that your hands don't hurt when your dog decides to sprint and tug.

More durable option

Genuine leather is long-lasting, especially with proper care and maintenance. Nylon deteriorates and weakens over time, but leather dog leashes and collars are incredibly durable, especially high-quality ones that are carefully designed and engineered for years of use. In fact, leather pet collars have the potential to last throughout the life of your dog.


Because carefully-crafted pet collars and leashes are long-lasting, you don’t need to buy new collars every year, saving you money in the long run.

Naturally stylish

Genuine leather is a natural product that ages gracefully, unlike nylon which can fray or fade. Over time, leather also develops a patina that gives it character. It only grows softer and more comfortable with repeated use.

What’s more, leather dog leashes and collars are ideal for complementing the natural beauty of your pet. With an array of colors, materials, and designs in stock, you're sure to find the perfect leather pet collars that will be loved by both you and your canine companion!

Where to get leather dog collars

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