At Angel, we measure our buckled leather collars as follows: (*For the Rio Martingale collar, please scroll down to the bottom of the page*):

Length- From leather tip to leather tip (not including the buckle). So a 16" x 3/4" collar would be 16" in length from leather to leather. This would fit a neck size between 11.5" (smallest)- 14" (largest).

Width- The actual width of the collar (at it's widest).

* Measure the middle of your dog's neck with a tape measure*

For example, if your dog's neck measures 15.5", your best option would be to choose a 20" collar, so it would be around the middle hole when buckled.

The below charts are meant to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your dog. The breeds listed are provided to give you a general direction as to which breeds "mostly" fit the respective sizes. Because each dog's neck, girth or snout is unique, please measure for a perfect fit.

collar size neck size perfect for most...*
10" 6.5" - 9" Yorkie, Chiwawa, Tea Cup & Similar Breeds
12" 8.5" - 10.5" Maltese, Shih Tzu & Similar Breeds
14" 9.5" - 12" Miniature Poodle, Bichon Frise Min Pin & Similar Breeds
16" 11.5" - 14" Boston Terrier, Pug & Similar Breeds
18" 12.5" - 16" French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Collie Beagle & Similar Breeds
22" 16.5" - 20" Pit Bull Terrier, Retrievers, Boxer & Similar Breeds
24" 17.5" - 22" Sheppards, Labs, Rottweiler, English American Bulldogs & Similar Breeds
26" 20" - 24" Bull Mastiff, Corso & Similar Breeds
30" 23" - 27" English Mastiff, Saint Bernard & Similar Breeds

* Please note this size chart meant to give a general idea of the collar size in relation to certain breeds because each dog is unique, please measure your dog's neck for perfect fit.

Measuring for the Rio Martingale Dog Collars

• Martingale collars are a great tool to help train your
dog. They are also great to use as a day-to-day collar
for walking your dog. As many trainers use Martingale
collars, various methods and techniques exist. We
recommend that you seek the advice of several trainers
to determine which method of training works best for
you and your dog.
• Please note Angel Rio Martingale collars are measured
from leather tip to leather tip (not including the metal rings and chain links).
• You will find 2 measurements:
• The collar completely fastened/ tightened (minimum
circumference: end loops touching), and
• The collar fully extended (maximum circumference:
chain links stretched out fully).
• (A) If you want the collar to adjust exactly at the rings,
select 1 size down from your dog’s neck size. Example:
If your dog’s neck measures 20”, select the 18” Rio
Martingale collar
• (B) If you want the collar to squeeze the dog’s neck
when pulled, select 2 - 3 sizes down from your dog’s
neck size.
Example: If your dog’s neck measures 20”, select the
16” or 18” Rio Martingale collar


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