Founded in 2006, Angel is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fine leather pet products, based in Toronto, Canada. Angel Pet Supplies began as a result of a long search for great quality, esthetically appealing and affordable leather collar and leash. Angel Pet Supplies deals with dog and cat collars, leashes made up of leather. Angel Pets have a collection of products that is available in a wide selection of colors, sizes and styles. The search was on for a product that would encompass the 5 main attributes of our initial and current philosophy:
  1. Quality
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. Fashionable
  5. Affordability.

After several months of extensive research, design and creation, Angel Pet Supplies was born. We spend countless time making the products best by using great quality materials.
Our aim is to blend quality, harmony and value. Customer satisfaction is our reason to be!!

Rotterdam Bones

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