Freedom Dog Tug | 2 Handle

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As part of the Develop & Train Tug Collection! these tug toys offer the perfect blend of softness and strength, making them the ultimate choice for training, playtime, and rewarding. The Heavy- Duty construction is designed to stand up to the most enthusiastic tuggers. Whether you're working on training commands or simply indulging in a competitive battle of tug-of-war, the Freedom Tugs are up to the challenge. The tugs not only provide endless entertainment but also promote healthy exercise, helping your dog stay fit and active. Say goodbye to boredom and stress as your dog plays and trains with their new favorite toy. 
* Features - Double Handle | Available in 4 colors | Soft & Strong *


*These Tugs are not a chew toy. This is a very strong and well- constructed interactive training tool and toy intended for Pet- Parent Interaction. Do not leave unattended with Pet
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Black, Blue, Red, Green