Cat Collars? Why Your Cat Should Be Wearing One

Cat Collars? Why Your Cat Should Be Wearing One - shopangelpet

Unlike dogs, cats are not required by law to wear ID tags with their owner’s name and address, nor are they required to be microchipped. This is why there is a lot of debate in the cat owner community about cat collars.

But did you know that only 5% of cats are returned home after they're lost? If you want to maximize the chances of your cats being returned to you, then it's important that you make them wear a collar with an ID tag.

Does a collar hurt my cat?

No. Well-designed collars should not cause any pain. Cats tolerate them well. They might act odd or frustrated when you first put one on them, but they will eventually get used to it. The key is to choose the right fit so that the collar does not get caught on objects, gates, or fences.

More Reasons to Wear a Cat Collar

A leather collar for your cat is more than just cute. It’s a practical accessory that can help you find your furry friend when you can’t locate them around the house. Some collars have a bell, so you can hear your cat when it’s approaching or trying to hide somewhere. A studded cat collar may offer some form of reflective surface that can help you spot the feline easily. It may even help protect your cat if it likes to roam around at night.

Identify Your Cats with Ease

Do you have many cats? It can be challenging to tell them apart if they have similar colours or markings. A leather cat collar can help. Buy cat collars in different colours and unique features, so you can easily identify your cats at a glance.

Get A High-Quality Leather Collar for Your Cat

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