5 Unique high-quality leather collars for dogs

Leather Collars For Dogs


Dog Collars are considered as one of the essential accessories for dogs as these help in various ways. The owner of the dog can easily walk their dogs as the collars help to control the movement. There is a wide variety of dog collars available in the market, but leather dog collars are known to be the epitome of class & luxury. In this article, we will be talking about 5 unique and high-quality leather dog collars available in the market.

Here is the list of 5 Dog Collars arranged in low to high pricing:

Omnipet Signature Leather Crystal Dog Collar:

Looking for something which perfectly depicts class and style and at the same time is pocket-friendly, then the Signature Leather Crystal Dog Collar by Omnipet is the perfect solution for you. Embedded crystal sparkling in the collar adds an eye-catching element to it. It is made up of genuine 2-ply leather to add durability and stylishness. Available in different colors, you can easily choose the one with the perfect fit for your dog. So, it’s time to give your dog the pop style during their outing with this amazing dog collar.

Athens Dog Collar - Shop Angel Pet

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The second collar on the list is the Athens Dog Collar by Shop Angel Pet. This collar is one of the best-selling collections of the Angel Pet. Designed in such a way as to separate your dog from the rest of the pack. If you are really looking for something that is made up of high-quality leather then investing in this dog collar is worth it. The dog collar not only provides premium quality leather but is softly padded for the sake of the comfort of your dog. Available in different sizes and colors to offer you variety while choosing for your dog.


Weaver Leather Western Edge Dog Collar:

The Weaver Leather Dog Collar by Western Edge is a scalloped-style collar featuring a rich brown floral tooled embossed leather overlay for a subtle western style. Adorned with antique brass spots and antique silver etched Conchos makes this leather collar in the list of unique and durable dog collars.

Batik Bone Star Beaded Collar:

Last but not least is the Batik Bone Star Beaded Collar by Kenya Collection. The bone beads are handmade in Kenya. Each embedded bone bead is different from the other. The dollar is the epitome of creativity and class, making it the best accessory for your dog..

Time to shop for the best dog collar for your dog and present them with the best gift. Make your dog stand from the crowd during the time you go for a walk.