Sierra 20" Collar- Great quality, quick shipping. Our dog has broken every collar she's had and this one holds up to her and looks good, as well!

Sir Loin

Tucson 22" x 1.5" - Great collar. Beefy and well made with proper leather work. Doesn't look mass produced. Well worth the money and looks to last a lifetime.


Athens 18" x 3/4" - This ia a beautiful quality made collar. Very strong and durable. This collar will last her.

A beautiful soft padded leather that looks the same in the 2 months I've owned as the day I received it. She's gotten it completely soaked a few times and I was worried how it would react. Cheap leathers dry and change color.This one looks and wears fantastiv.

My golden retriever gets so many compliments on it, too!

The color is a very pretty pink; not hot pink, or light pink, just real pink...like a rose.
The 'diamonds' are large and very sparkly and studded in. There is NO way they are coming out.

I love that they included 2 d-rings. One is at the bottom of the neck where you attach license, tags, etc, and then another behing the neck to attach your leash. Great design! Great collar! My dog and I love it!

Amy M. Williams

Alpine 24" x 1.25" - Well made, cushioney and rugged.


The second I seen it I had to have It I was going to get a small dog and I like red he was a gift from my love for valentines day I got it and the big dog seen it on the small dog I think that's why the big dog broke his coller and needed a nother one I think he saw i t on the small dog and wanted one to so he broke his coller lol so I would have to get him another one it got here quickly and was very strong he will never be able to break this one not that he would I can tell he was happy and proud and went next door to show it off to the girl

Sample This

Rio Martingale Collar- This is a genuinely high quality collar. Nice leather, great chain, worth the money. Glad I read reviews first because other reviewers were right about this collar


Amsterdam 22" x 1.5" - Great collar!!! Good price, excellent quality, comfy padding for his neck!! Spikes aren't too sharp but perfect. It Arrived early, and looks spectacular on my male Dobe. Perfect fit!!!

Robert S.

Miami Muzzle- My dog got used to it quite easily. He can drink and pant normally. Easy to use and it stays on. Definitely recommend!

Liane S.

Hi , I wanted to thank you for getting me a special collar for my wee pup… THANK YOU AGAIN!! I will certainly recommend your products to my animal loving friends!! 


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